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Arnold and luke spanish queer fucks and sucks three

Gay Porn Pics & Movies Arnold and luke spanish queer fucks and sucks three.
Arnold and Luke spanish queer...

Black Sails hakeemkaekazim featured in BronzeMagazine https: February 13th, He also teases Mr. Scott's journey in season 3 of Black Sails and reveals why he prefers film over tv.

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Honestly all I see in the show anymore are evenly matched power couples, I'm living for this lmao love your icon, real king, actual royalty, etc. Reply Parent Thread Link. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. I love Silverflint's relationship so much.

Like, that's how good it is right now. Glad they getting some attention in the press.

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I wanna squeeze just a little more out of you who are your fave characters and such? YES this is probably true!!! Edited at He's great in action scenes.

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Reminded me when he helped Flint out of Charlestown in S2. Jack's just feeling a little down right now lol he'll bounce back. I don't even bother trying to make any post look good on a phone, posts on ONTD are such a hell to format with that completely outdated editor and the ads make it nigh unusable anyway.

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Someone please spoil the episode for me. I need to catch up, I'm just going to binge watch or probably wait till most of the episodes air and watch then, I have no patience and hate getting so involved in an episode and have to wait a whole week to see what happens next.

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So they finally got together? I kept seeing people talking about their hope for a relationship with them.

Arnold and Luke spanish queer...

I love Silver and glad he's finally got a love interest, Flint better not break his heart because Silver is so precious. I only have access to the internet on my phone. Unless its streaming somewhere I'm stuck waiting for the dvd. I'm so in awe of the writing and the acting and the research rn that goes into this show because so many others skimp on that part. The freed slaves are totally going to bring him to the encampment to treat his wounds and he'll help free Flint and hopefully survive.

And are those production values fucking amazing or what?

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Silverflint is alive and so is everything else, Flint is killing me softly with his midlife crisis, he needs Silver's or Billy's lbr he's still in the running love asap. Also, could we have been wrong about Max ending up as Silver's wife? Will he marry Scott's daughter?

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This has me really worried about Max now. Could it be that they'll use the Spanish gold to rebuild the fort? They kinda need it now that all their slaves aka labourers are gone and the rest of the island is lazy af which is historically true actually.

It's going to be a disaster.

True but it was my insurance that they wouldn't kill her off! If she survives without having to marry Silver out of convenience, all the better tbh, but I'll only rest easy once the show is over lmao And I totally got jealous vibes from Flint, I expected him to shoot the plan down just because he doesn't want Silver making pretty eyes at someone else lol.

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I feel like a lot of people were sure the writers would fuck up the Maroon storyline because of the last shot of the third episode Real life king, badass queen and potentially great daughter, I'm living for this surprise backstory reveal.

I'm also liking Vane now when he's not pining after Eleanor, especially his scenes with Jack. Teach finally did something this episode, it was great. I loved him rescuing his son, but also his smirk when he got to tell Vane Eleanor was alive and the reason everyone wants him dead, lmao he was so salty about her.

Arnold and Luke spanish queer...

Flint just needs some guy loving to get him out of his funk. I knew the name Ben Gunn had to be significant, but didn't read TI, so lemme google real quick. OK, he's a promising character. Yes, I really liked him!!!

On top of him being an interesting character and a good actor, he's also cute with a cute accent, lol. So yeah that's exciting!!!

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Why does Silver have to marry anyone, is that what happens in the book? Lol it occurs to me that if Silver marries someone and still hooks up with Flint, lol, that really is history repeating itself.

And yes every single episode is such a huge treat for the eyes. The real sets are incredible, the battles are exciting, I love the coloring of this show and even the extras are great. Scott and his backstory in this episode, because I love him and he's under-appreciated. I love watching the little behind the scenes tidbit at the end of the ep, and them talking about how the village and real and the mountains were real, it really does make for a gooorgeous location.

No, I… I suppose not. He is sooo hot! I don't think I can control myself any longer, his facial hair is everything.

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He may as well have been like, "Whatcha thinkin' about? I though Flint being helpful and caring about Silver's leg would be a thing that only existed in fic I mean and yes they were under a high-pressure situation, there wasnt much time to lose so he had to rush but still.

I can't watch this show until tomorrow. It sucks to be living on the other part of the world.

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