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Gay hitchhiker stories

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Michael had been driving for three hours in the rain, and Gay hitchhiker stories would surely be another three at best before he arrived home. He saw a 24 hour truck stop at the upcoming exit from the interstate and veered off up the ramp. He could get Gay hitchhiker stories coffee and something to eat. Maybe that would help get rid of the highway hypnotism. And he would call Sally and tell her that he might not make it tonight. He made his telephone call and entered the men's room to urinate and throw some cold water on his face before ordering food.

There was a young guy - college kid he'd guess - washing up and taking a change of clothes out of his knapsack. Michael stepped to the floor mounted urinal and relieved himself.

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As Gay hitchhiker stories turned away, he noticed the young guy looking at him. Michael nodded in acknowledgement and received an answering nod. He stepped to the lavatory and splashed his face, head and the back of his neck with cold water and began to dry vigorously with the long strip of paper towel he'd pulled from the dispenser.

As he finished, he looked in the mirror above the lavatory and saw the young guy standing naked. He was well built and had a larger than average, shapely penis. He was putting on dry socks and underwear and a dry shirt, but he slipped his still damp blue jeans back on.

Michael smiled and nodded in acknowledgement as he Gay hitchhiker stories the men's room. Michael ordered coffee and a stack of pancakes with scrambled eggs.

He was half finished when the hitchhiker emerged from the men's room, his knapsack slung over his shoulder, and sat at the counter to eat a sweet roll and drink his coffee. As Michael smoked a cigarette with his second cup of coffee, the hitchhiker walked over from the counter.

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He wasn't at all happy about this development. The hitchhiker slipped into the booth across the table from him with his coffee.

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He pulled his wallet from his hip pocket. My family and friends call me Remy. It was the same guy, and the IDs said "Jeremy R. His student ID was from Duke.

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Michael was somewhat put at ease. My kid brother called last night and he was all broken up about a fight he'd had with his girl.

For some reason, I felt it was important to be there. I called a few minutes ago and they'd Gay hitchhiker stories made up. Thought I'd go on home anyhow, since the weekend's coming up and I'm this close. My father died three years ago. I guess that's the reason I was coming to be with Josh - that's my brother.

After a moment of stupidity...

He still gets upset and I guess I'm the closest thing to a father. About twenty miles down the highway, the thunderstorms picked up in intensity so that Michael could hardly see the road. He pulled to the shoulder to await a slackening. UNC's beaten us the last two years. The rain slacked, and Gay hitchhiker stories drove another ten or twelve miles before it resumed in even fiercer intensity.

There was a mom and pop motel at the upcoming exit on the right called Moon Lodge. Its been like this Gay hitchhiker stories the last four hours.

I'd like to stop at this motel. I assume you're short on cash or else you wouldn't be hitchhiking. I'll rent the room. No, that's okay, it'll probably be the same cost as a single. They checked in and picked up a key.