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Cody miller muscle

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Value of a Great Coach - Cody Miller. I imagine I'm like a number of folks on the forum.

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I have worked through the SS process Cody miller muscle times - all attempts unfortunately being interrupted by life. Each time, I hit a ceiling around for the back squats along with my deadlift being less than that - around lbs. We met less weekend for him to review my lifts.

Although I was "relatively close", my problem on the squat was holding the bar too high on my back along, not setting up properly for the deadlift using my back too much and holding my arms too wide with bent wrists for the standing squat.

We decided it made more sense for me to do a major reset to allow my muscles to "learn" the correct form.

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I'm also going to add a short walk after each session. Consider it a nod to my doctor that insists on cardio - maybe I'll walk to the ice cream store - laughs.

We also had a discussion about nutrition a personal weakness. I feel I have a general sense of smarter eater along with Cody miller muscle alerted to an app called myfitnesspal which will deliver an incredible amount of information about my diet as long as I enter the data My point is that if you have a Starting Strength coach relatively close to you - go ahead and spend the money for their knowledge. I Cody miller muscle dreamed of saving up enough to attend a seminar, and I still might one of these days - but a coach can make a tremendous difference in your confidence that you are doing the lifts correctly.

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Originally Posted by stlrick. Join Date Aug Posts I couldn't agree more.

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I'm 4 hours away from Andy Baker and Every couple of months 2 of my sons and I drive to Kingwood to spend a few hours with our coach.

I've been away from coaching for a couple of years as Rob Miller moved to AZ.

I'm setting up a session with Niki Sims in San Francisco now. I'm shamed by the drive some of you all have made to get coaching. I let a 1 hour drive keep me from a form check!

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I won't let it happen again! Join Date Jan Posts 2. I was to nervous to attempt learning this lifts correctly on my own. I decided it was best to meet with a SSC before I jacked myself up. To me it is well worth the drive and money to learn the proper form before bad habits got into my routine.

In just two sessions Tommy has helped me improve alot. I'm still using humbling starting weights, but Cody miller muscle leaving the ego at the door, all that will come in time So I tell myself.

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Also I was fortunate enough to be able to sign up for the Seminar in Santa Cruz next week which i'm Cody miller muscle looking forward to. I could not agree more, getting a SSC to help is priceless. Prior to contacting Tommy I had various people who wanted to charge a month to "prepare" me to being able to be flexible enough to squat in within 6 months!.

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Had my first coaching session last night. We worked on the OHP and the squat.

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