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A year-old Canadian man in Philadelphia for an education conference this week says he was sexually assaulted at gunpoint, beaten, and then robbed by a man he met on Grindr. The victim, who remains anonymous during his interview with NBC 10said he invited the suspect to his hotel room around 1: I was afraid to say anything. I was afraid of what was going to happen.

Late last year, an elderly Michigan man was murdered by three men Philly gay speed hookup perused the app for potential victims. Philly gay speed hookup was wearing a dark colored jacket, dark blue jeans and tan boots.

Anyone with information is urged to call Philadelphia police have arrested year-old Douglass Casey as the alleged assailant. Taking cues from Latin America and Europe where I think they just had it up to here with victim tourists. I do feel very sorry for him, that will traumatize anyone to be put through that situation regardless of how it started. That being said, I do the same thing that Apparatus does. I hide all valuables and I keep a shotgun in my bedroom.

Not to mention I am a pretty tall built dude who can fight if need be. I am sure they keep records of phones somehow. Because gay men are typically nonviolent we extend these same expectations to strangers we met in public.

This is obviously not a good way to view the world around you. Gay men should learn how to defend themselves and stop trying to see the best in Philly gay speed hookup who mean you no good! Kick him in the balls! Order yourself some pepper spray from Amazon. This is not infallible of course but you get a certain amount of information.

The anonymity and instantaneous gratification of grindr is what is appealing to most. I am not blaming him for being a victim of robbery and sexual assault, no one should have this happen to them. A crime is a crime, regardless of the events preceding. I think it is good that queerty made the community aware of this crime.

As I see it, just another way our community communicates effectively. Its a good reminder for us all. I feel awful for the victim and hope he recovers both mentally and physically from such a traumatic experience.

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The only way they would have seen a Cop in Philly is either at the station house or a donut shop. I feel very badly for the victim. I hope he recovers physically and emotionally soon. I was young and assumed I was safe from harm.

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I was wrong and very, very lucky! Before any of us blame the victim, remember that the perpetrators are investing time in constantly scheming up new ways to rob people. Indeed this is sad and wrong but I wonder how much of this type of thing happens that is never reported? As someone stated earlier. The methods we now use to hook-up have removed that step in the process.

Be careful boys and take care of yourselves because sex Philly gay speed hookup not worth your safety and especially risking your life. Because your so perfect, that is it beneath you to use these types of apps to meet others?