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Last memories of summer

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This book contains examples of:

I spent a weekend camping with a family that has five of the sweetest, happiest children I know— as we sat around the lake, these children happily told stories of past sweet memories. Memories, their mother told me, are the key to such joy. I asked my friend how she Last memories of summer it— how she helps her children have and remember a happy childhood.

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Reflection, she said, is how we preserve memories in a family. Here are some tips we put together to help your children have a happy summer they will never forget:. Sincere thanks to my friend Julie Hoijarvi and her beautiful family, for all their sweet memories, and all those yet to come.

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Keeping your kids bouncing safely. Here are some tips we put together to help your children have a happy summer they will never forget: Start with an attitude of gratitude: Sibling squabbles and jealousy quickly distort even the best of times into bad memories.

Teach your children to have an attitude of gratitudeso they can happily experience life instead of Last memories of summer always being on the lookout for more.

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Selfishness is, after all, a distraction. To experience joy, one must be grateful. Try to yell at each other less: Yelling might get an immediate response, but we know yelling can be more damaging than physical abuse.

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In the heat of the moment, remind yourself that wrath is one of the seven deadly sins. Instead, try these tricks for no-yell, no-spank disciplineor 10 ways to love your children without words.

Are there people in your life who could use a hand? What can your family do to lighten their loadbring them cheer, or encourage them along the way? How about people in the greater community? What are some needs your family can help with?

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